What is Recess?  Recess is much more than just free time.  We at

Recess 101 believe that recess is an opportunity for students not only

to participate in physical activity but also learn about character

building, work independently and cooperatively with others to

enhance and practice their social interaction skills.  We believe that

recess is an equally important part of the instructional day.  With

over 15 years experience in youth development, education, and

physical health, we believe harnessing a healthy recess environment

will nourish school climate, inspiring change not only on the recess

yard but also inside the classrooms.  That’s why our mission is to

provide a safe, healthy, and fun-petitive recess environment that will

enrich the overall school climate for the students and educators.

Providing a curriculum that skillfully weaves a balance between emotional , social, physical and mental wellness that will encompass teamwork, respect, integrity, compassion, and confidence in each child.  Our children count on us to make smart decisions for them everyday – helping them feel confident about those choices is what we do and why we do it.  We recognize the uniqueness of each child, that’s why our focus is guide by the promise that the students’ emotional , social, physical and mental wellness is the heart of what we do.  Through careful oversight and devotion to the quality of our programs, we are proud to deliver a service that is unique, innovative, wholesome, and beneficial to students and educators.


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