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Recess 101’s culture and values are the center of our work environment

and is reflected in everything we do---from our passion for today’s

youth, to our commitment to providing expertise and enthusiasm to the

highest quality of trustworthy services.  Our values serve as a

foundation for how we conduct business and how we serve schools,

students, and educators---with the same respect as how we treat each


Recess 101, is the leader in providing recess solutions to schools,

educators, and students.  We are a fast growing business based on the

love for today’s youth and education, our passion for commitment to

providing quality services and our desire to make a difference in the

schools we service.

As we continue to inspire change not only on the recess yard but also

inside the classrooms, we are always looking for people with the same

motivation and belief.

You will work in an environment that is uplifting, fast-paced,

playful, and challenging that embraces teamwork, respect, integrity,

compassion, and confidence.

Recess Starts Here.