Recess 101 School Base Recess Solutions are designed to increase students  participation in physical activity,  promote the development of children's social competencies while fostering their imaginations.  The curriculum also improves students' ability to focus when they return to the classrooms, decrease behavioral issues and improve the overall school climate.

Each of our partner schools will be provided with a devoted Recess 101 team member known as a “Recess Coordinator.”  A Recess Coordinator will be on site daily Monday – Friday throughout the whole school year.

The well-trained and dedicated Recess Coordinator will work with students and educators to recognize and respect the uniqueness of each child.  The Recess Coordinator will instill a culture that strives for teamwork, respect, integrity, compassion, and confidence in each child.  

The Recess Coordinator will be in charge of implementing and facilitating 3 key components daily, aim to maximize and maintain the students’ physical, social, intellectual and emotional well-being.

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